About the writer (well, just one of them): Chuck Lorre

6 Mar

Chuck Lorre is one of the main writers for The Big Bang Theory; the other is Bill Prady. Not only is Lorre a writer, but a director, producer, and even a composer! You’re thinking somewhere along the lines of, He’s rich. Why yes; there is no downgrading his bank account. Anyways… Lorre has been the creator/writer for many other popular sitcom shows, including Dharma and Greg and Two and a Half Men. After being promoted from writer, he has also served as an executive producer for the (older) sitcom show Roseanne. 


In his earlier days, Lorre dropped out of college after two years to become a singer/songwriter. Playing rock n’ roll music, Lorre publicly admits to have “majored in rock ‘n’ roll and pot and minored in LSD.” Alcohol abuse has been a part of his past as well. After leaving college, he toured the US as a guitarist/songwriter and actually managed to create a few radio hits. Once asked to create a soundtrack for a TV show, he shifted to writing, and later to producing and directing. 


Lorre’s most recent shows, Dharma and Greg and Two and a Half Men, have not only been a hit series, but have some similar feature characteristics along with The Big Bang Theory. Notice how all three shows involve two main characters (Dharma, Greg – Charlie, Alan – Leonard, Sheldon). Also, notice the love life differences in each show – Dharma and Greg are totally opposites but married despite this, Charlie is a womanizer and Alan is a divorced man, Leonard and Sheldon have no luck with love and Penny gets dates with men frequently. Though they are not exactly the same, there are obvious contrasts in each show when it comes to love. Ironically, Lorre has had a bad past with marriages and family relationships…


Lorre claims to have been a “no good, rotten husband.” After two marriages of over ten years, he is currently sticking with the single life. Lorre also claims to have anger management and be worried about something all the time. Notice that Lorre’s character creation of Greg and Sheldon as worriers reflects Lorre himself, or Alan who has terrible luck with women, just like Sheldon and Leonard. As such an amazing writer and creator of multiple shows, maybe he is so good at it all because it is his own therapy to make characters with his problems come to life.


5 Responses to “About the writer (well, just one of them): Chuck Lorre”

  1. becbet23 March 6, 2013 at 7:52 pm #

    Last semester I studied the show Two and A Half Men so that I could write a spec script for it. Lorre’s writing style is definitely a bit jagged and his characters are definitely dysfunctional. The fact that he was such a bad boy growing up makes sense. I have never seen Big Bang Theory, but now that I know who the writer is, I will make a point to give the show a shot. I enjoyed Lorre’s comedic timing and daring and provocative subject matter on Two and A Half Men. I am interested in getting to know his characters on this new show and it will be interesting to compare those characters with the stars of Two and A Half Men.

  2. margaretcompton March 6, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    As I was reading this, I was thinking “Wow, this guy is truly unlikable.” But, I appreciated you comment at the end. Lorre definitely is resinating his own personal struggles within his own television characters. Then again, the crazier, more bizarre the artist, the more brillant. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. louisgalanti April 15, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    Wow I had no idea one of the writers for the show also wrote for Two and a Half Men. I also didn’t expect the writer of Big Bang to have dropped out of college to play in a Rock n Roll band and smoke pot and trip on LSD. He seems the complete opposite from the characters of the show, all intelligent college graduates.

  4. joefrat April 15, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    This was really interesting! I didn’t know that he produced Dharma and Greg. Man this guy is a CBS cash cow. And his personal troubles sound a lot like Charlie Sheen’s character in 2 and a half men. It sure doesn’t sound like he knows a lot about nerdy stuff though, I wonder where he gets that subject matter from?

  5. bellk2010 April 16, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    As I was reading this, I was expecting to hear, after his long list of occupations, a scientist of some sort added on too just because the show is so smart. It is really interesting that his personal life is so much reflected on all of his shows

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